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Street Eraser

Anyone who’s used the Adobe photoshop will recognise the grey and white checkerboard pattern right away. We like to think that it’s hiding under the surface of everything around us, so we took the Photoshop Eraser tool to erase the streets of London.


Our project is featured on:

WIREDGizmodo, FastCompanyHuffington Post, Adobe, Designboom, Designtaxi, Laughing SquidComplex, Colossal, booooooomThe Inspiration, Fubiz.



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Dare to Zlatan

At Wieden + Kennedy we’ve been involved in the creation of social content for the Dare to Zlatan campaign. A unique and first ever  Q&A on Twitter featuring the great Zlatan. Have a look at a selection of our work.


Search Engine Ad

The new Volkswagen Passat has proven to be the ultimate business car. That’s why we created a digital buzz around the search term ‘ultimate business car’ and turned Google into a new advertising platform for the Passat Variant. One blog stated ‘Volkswagen made SEO sexy’ and SEO experts scratched one’s head.

It’s not a secret how we accomplished it. Click play ‘like a boss’ and find out.

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13th Street Universal

Award from the heart

13th Street is a murder mystery channel. Each year they present the shocking shorts award. Awards for the best horror, thriller and crime short movies. We launched the first-ever ‘Award From The Heart’. It’s the most honest award ever, because the heart never lies.

Finalist: Future Lions 2012

  • Analyse your driving with Drive Dock
  • Drive's real life missions and immersive navigation
  • Location-based reward system



Drive is world’s most rewarding mission-based traffic game. Drive users are rewarded for slowing down near school zones, driving carefully near construction sights, and following the instructions on matrix boards in traffic jams. 

Drive has been awarded first place at the Serious Game Request by the Ministry of Infrastructure in the Netherlands. Critics put forward the innovative strategy that has an actual impact on traffic. A strategy that is rewarding the good, instead of penalizing the bad, and creating a better flow of traffic.

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El Clásico

El Clásico, two Spanish rivaling teams in an epic battle for glory, and what makes it even more epic? Four players wearing the new collection Nike football shoes on the pitch. Guus was part of a team at AKQA responsible for the art direction of the campaign on nikefootball.com and Nike Football Social.

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Sony Tablet introduction

This is a commercial we created for Euronics Germany to introduce the new Sony Tablet S1.


Amnesty Rescue

Worldwide there are still too many people suffering from human rights violations. The time has come to take a stand. Amnesty International is tapping into this base with seamless in-game advertising to gain supporters. And by doing so, gamers will indirectly rescue victims in real life.

Gold: Andy Awards 2012, Student
Gold: Ads of the World, January 2012, Best Online

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Tayfun Sarier and Guus ter Beek

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We are a creative team with background in concept development and art direction. We have a strong creative connection that drives us to do good work and share our passion for ideas. Feel free to drop us a line.


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