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Meet our thriving collective of
Toyota Hybrid drivers.

We shot this campaign for Toyota’s European We Choose Hybrid platform. Showcasing the Hybrid City Car models Yaris & Auris, and the people who drive it. Together as a collective they make a difference to our surroundings, and choose a better way of mobility. 



Directed by: Matthieu Mantovani
Photography by: Paul Calver + He&Me


We captured the symmetry of the iconic London Underground

We have a thing with tunnels. The underground of London is one of the most impressive infrastructures of the world. It’s a network that transports millions of people every day. Some call it hell. We see beauty.

The infinite tunnels pull us in with their symmetry. The ceiling lights guide our eyes to the horizon. The tiles and posters form patterns that please the eye. The echoes of rushing crowds, a flickering light, a train zooming by.

We’ve spent days in the underground looking for the most eye-catching tunnels and made this supercut, capturing the beautiful symmetry underneath the city surface

We shot a heartwarming story for Lipton


Watch our Christmas ad for Lipton


The true spirit of Christmas, is the spirit of giving. We believe it's best when demonstrated by a generous heart. It has the power to brighten someone's day even when the weather is cold and sky is dark. We created this film for Lipton as part of their new 'Be More Tea' campaign. With this campaign Lipton encourages people to be awake to what truly matters. 

Directed by Mark Albiston
Music by The Tallest Man on Earth
Awarded by D&AD and Creative Circle

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.59.56 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 10.59.14 AM.png

Dive into the culture of tea


Lipton global photography

We shot these photos for the global relaunch of the Lipton.com website. They are used on the redesigned website,  built by Tribal Worldwide. You can view our series here.


Our lifestyle photography portrays modern tea culture, with authentic scenarios that capture the moment. Campaign shot by Olly Burns.
— In Return

We made the future real


Volkswagen social

The new Volkswagen Golf is a confidence-inspiring car, plus it has great innovative features too that we display in these films that are tailor-made for social. They're filmed to work in portrait format, and given a splitscreen spin to show off all features from the best possible angles. We came up with these scenarios that are true-to-life, and bolsters that authentic and warm Volkswagen character. 


Follow the evolution
of an icon


Golf GTI 40th anniversary

We created this gif to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original hot hatch, the Golf GTI. In this making-of we watch the whole model series unfold before our eyes. The Golf's are all hand-drawn with great precision by our illustrator Helen Green. You might know Helen's work from the David Bowie GIF that won a Webby award last year.  

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.23.50 PM.png
Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 12.07.06 PM.png


Street Eraser blends the digital with reality

Anyone who’s used the Adobe photoshop will recognize the grey and white checkerboard pattern right away. We like to think that it’s hiding under the surface of everything around us. So, we decided to take the Photoshop Eraser tool to erase the streets of London. Our documentation of our process got a good amount of press coverage on some great blogs such as Wired, FastCompany, and even Adobe. 


Our work
for Nike


During our time at Wieden + Kennedy London we worked on the Dare to Zlatan campaign. A first-ever live Twitter appearance of one of the best footballers of his generation, Nike football athlete Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Through the course of one day we responded to questions from the fans with social content and we created these two tweets and let Zlatan work his magic.



We created a sneaker app for Hypebeast

test-your-sneaker-knowledge-with-our-guess-the-model-app-4 copy.jpg

This game will put your sneaker
knowledge to the test

A rarely seen part of sneakers never got the shine that it deserves. Of course, we're talking about the soles. They are easily as amazing as the sneaker itself. They're high-tech, colourful, and have great design patterns. That's exactly why we partnered up with Hypebeast to create a web experience that flips the perspective on your favourite sneakers. When we present you a different angle on sneakers will you still be able to tell a Nike Dunk from a Nike Air Max? See it for yourself and play the game.


Smart car features from Volkswagen explained

We have created a series of warm and human short films to be used in all Volkswagen showrooms and social channels. The aim of these films is to inform the audience about Volkswagen's innovative car features, and demonstrate them in everyday situations. 


Watch our work
in slowmotion


Youtube and The Slow Mo Guys

Youtube launched a campaign to promote their platform with help of their biggest British stars; The Slow Mo Guys and Zoella. We have built this digital campaign together with Adam&Eve DDB.


Backseat drivers
are history

Thanks to the revolutionary new safety features of the all-new Polo Backseat Drivers' days are numbered. So no more hard hitting dashboard pushers, anxious handle grabbers or foot stamping pre-breakers. They're now exhibited in our Volkswagen Museum of Extinct Backseat Drivers. We created this campaign for Volkswagen with Tribal Worldwide photography by Daniel Stier


We made GIFs Go Wild

We took GIFs installations to the city of London with our project 'GIFs Go Wild'. We brought GIFs to the street from artists we love like Dain Fagerholm and Davidope and many more. We captured some great responses be sure to check out our film.